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Couverture du single "nyc in 1940" par Berlioz.
nyc in 1940
Berlioz, Ted Jasper
Couverture du single "You'll understand " par Ross from Friends.
Talk to Me You'll Understand
Ross from Friends
Couverture de l'album "24" par La Fève.
La Fève
Couverture du single "bigger thën everything" par Yeat.
bigger thën everything
Couverture de l'album "Vultures" par Kanye West et Ty Dolla Sign.
"Only reason a creative needs a title is to negotiate salary, in which case anything goes. [...]
When you ask someone what they are obsessed with, you can see where they put their energy. Where humans put their energy is really what’s most informative."
- Justin Saunders
"Creativity is just connecting things."
- Steve Jobs
"Everything I do is for the 17-year-old version of myself."
- Virgil Abloh